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HMD Post

 Have a suggestion or comment on how I play Raidou? Or want to talk plot? Poke me here and I'll get back to ya ASAP.


OOC Note

This journal is being recycled, so if you still have it friended from discedo  please remove... unless you want to be spammed with new posts! Thanks!


Thirteenth Kuda [Video]

[The screen is completely black at first, but Raidou's muffled voice can be heard. He's babbling to himself in Japanese, and not much can be distinguished. A few comments about his inability to find out hardly anything during his investigation seems to be a theme, and the more he talks the more pissed off he sounds.

Eventually his comm falls out of his pocket and he can be seen turning to look at it. The view is cock-eyed, but he can still be seen well enough. Screw a red tint, his eyes are BLAZING red at this point. He snarls and dashes back over to the comm and gives it a soild kick, sending the view carwheeling until it hits a wall, cracking the screen and the camera. But even through the crack anyone watching can see his boot come down, shutting it off in a rather violent way]

((ooc: Thanks to Lucca's machine, Raidou has gone off the deep end. Without his sword he probably won't be able to kill anyone, but he's sure going to try with any random stuff he can pick up. So feel free to have your characters see him/be attacked by him. He'll probably go full-monster on Thurs-Friday night. Fun times~ And no, he probably won't respond to any comments to this, except maybe Utena or Prydan))

Twelfth Kuda [Video; Japanese]

[Raidou can be seen sitting on the steps on the second Gohl rowhouse. There are the sounds of scrapping metal, and Raidou can be seen sharpening his katana]

Fever, followed by increased aggression and glowing eyes. A sickness I should think.


The only way to stop a sickness from spreading, is to cull the infected.

[He holds up his sword in one smooth motion, eyes gleaming with a tiny hint of red. He gives the comm a thin smile before it times out.]

Eleven Kuda [Voice]

[There are sounds of slicing metal and whizzing bullets, dotted with occasional grunts by Raidou. The sounds are muffled, as if the comm is tucked away somewhere and he doesn't realize it's even on.]

Ah... it's not... helping!

[More noises, and now the crys of something being killed, though by far not a human. Perhaps some of the cities monsters? The noises Raidou makes as he fights seem almost... happy? Such needless bloodthrist is definitely out of character.]

Not enough... I. Damn this fever... Can not afford to come down with an illness now...

[Now there are sounds of footsteps as he walks away from whatever he was butchering. Comm times out.]

Ten Kuda [Accidental video]

[Raidou can be seen working on something in one of the common areas of the second Gohl rowhouse. After he moves a little it is shown to be a window with a broken clasp. He steps away, looking satisfied, only to have it slam closed again as soon as he turns away. The glass cracks.

He's facing the comm, teeth grited and with a slightly unnatural gleam to his eye, only to-

-suddenly spin around and unload a bullet or two into the window frame. One of said bullets goes through the glass, shattering it in a blaze of noise. Who knows where that bullet went.

He stands there, panting, then looks at his pistol like he's never seen it before, horrified. Comm times out.]

Nine Kuda [Text]

It seems many frequencies are going out as of late. My sympathies to those left behind.

Gohl LockCollapse )

Eight Kuda [Voice]


I am... really starting to consider Pixies at this point...

Seven Kuda [Voice]

[Raidou's voice can be heard as a authoritative yell, which the few folks who have spoken to him face-to-face would know is practically out of character]

There is a giant dragon-demon battling two green...turtle-men in the park! I suggest everyone stay in doors and take cover!

[Filtered to Utena]

I am going to the roof to watch, in case those turtlemen fail. I can't see much, but... Please stay inside...

Six Kuda [Text]

 That... was certainly odd.

Filtered to Gohl 1 and 2Collapse )